Saturday, September 24, 2011

North Carolina or Bust!

T minus 24 hours until we hit the road for the ACD national specialty.  Today will be spent packing and preparing and wondering if I have forgotten anything.  I have not had nearly enough time to practice with Tully, but it's too late now.  Although nationals is a big competition, it's just as much about seeing good friends, good dogs, and eating good food.  North Carolina, here we come!  Travel safe all my ACD friends and we will see you tomorrow!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Greater Lafayette Kennel Club Rally Trial

One week from now I'll be sitting in a hotel room in Fetcher, North Carolina, preparing to compete with Tully the next morning in Rally, Agility, and Obedience, at the ACDCA National Specialty.  However, this weekend we packed up and headed north for a two day Rally trial.  The objective was to get some experience in Rally since Tully had not competed in Rally since 2008.  I'm quite proud to say he came home with two RAE legs!  Saturday he took 2nd in Rally Excellent B and 4th in Rally Advanced B.  Today he flip flopped those results taking 4th in Rally Excellent B and 2nd in Rally Advanced B.  These two legs towards his RAE bring his total up to 3 RAE legs. 

Things are busy here.  This is my last week of employment at Canine Companions where I have worked for 8 years.  My house is on the market and we've  had several showings.  I'm preparing to move and preparing for nationals and preparing for a new job, all while trying to keep things "normal", whatever that is!  All I know is I'm ready for a vacation and can't wait to catch up with all my friends in North Carolina and have a little fun running my old dog!  This will most likely be Tully's last national as his 10th birthday is coming up and I'm certain it will be Terra's last road trip as her kidney disease and other health issues are progressing.  One last road trip with the red dogs....bittersweet.

Tully picking up two more RAE legs with placings.