Saturday, November 26, 2011 can't keep a good dog down.

I realized I have not updated this blog since right after Tully's surgery, so I thought I'd take a minute to do so.  The lab results on Tully's splenic mass came back as lymphoma, obviously devastating. The good news is that the type of lymphoma that he has is "indolent", meaning it is slow growing and slow to spread. This is different than many other types of lymphoma.  After talking with several veterinary oncologists, we are waiting on chemo until we find evidence of spread elsewhere in his body.  With this type of lymphoma, chemo is not proven to increase the life span if given before spread is found versus treating after spread is found, so we are monitoring him for now.  He will get monthly abdominal ultrasounds to check his lymph nodes and liver and I palpate all other lymph nodes once weekly to check for growth..

As far as the Tullster's competition career, we are going to return to competing as long as he feels like it. He's happy and healthy and bored right now, so it's back to work!  Gotta keep livin'. He's a cattle dog, he's tough, and no one has told him he has cancer.  He would  be bored to death sitting around at home and he still has unfinished business....RAE, UD, AJP, and PT.  Next weekend we're heading to Cincinnati to compete in a 3 day Rally trial.  He has a shaved belly, a big scar, and he's gained a few pounds, but he's ready  to return to rock star form. We planning to return to agility in January.

As always, a huge thank you to VCA Veterinary Specialty Center in Indianapolis and Dr. Aaron Wehrenberg for Tully's surgery and care.  Those of you who know me know that I'm slightly picky about who works on  my dogs <vbg>. I've referred patients there through the years, always with great outcomes. This time it was time for my own dog and I didn't hesitate as to where I was taking Tully.  Two thumbs up....they're the best.

Tully's first night home from surgery.  Yes, I lifted him on the bed.  I did not let him jump!