Sunday, February 12, 2012

Hello, Greenwood!

We are here!  After 4 months of commuting, we officially moved to Greenwood this past Monday!  The rogue red dogs have settled in nicely and less than 24 hours after moving in, Terra had surgery to shorten her soft palate and remove everted saccules. I'm happy to report that she is eating, drinking, and breathing better than she has in months thanks to the good vets at VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center in Fishers, IN.  We have become "frequent fliers" there in the past 3 months with Tully's splenectomy and ultrasound and Terra's surgery and two CT scans.  I am thankful to have such talented colleagues so close to home and proud to call many of them friends.

Now that we are settled and everyone seems to be doing well, it's time to get back to competing!  Next month we head to Lafayette for an agility trial, Cincy for a rally trial, and then to Noblesville at the end of the month for a rally trial.  We are in desperate need of some normalcy around here and normalcy involves competing with Tully.  I miss my dog show buddies, the adrenalin of competing, and the time with my dogs.  Providing everyone stays healthy, we'll be back out running courses in 3 weeks!

Tully and Terra at our new house in Greenwood.